Bonfire Pizza - Pensacola, Florida

Pensacola, Florida. is still not saturated by the fast-casual pizza segment, leaving opportunity for independent operators to take advantage of this ever-popular idea of “build your own pizza.”  

Founders of Bonfire Pizza did a lot of homework studying the concept and truly understood what it would take to be successful in their own market with the goal of growing their brand in the region.  For these folks it wasn’t about a large space or expensive stone hearth oven . For them, the focus is about building the first unit to scale in a great location with reasonable rent even if that meant a smaller foot print.  The entire store, kitchen, front line and dining space of 28 seats is 1,400 square feet.

Dough production is at the front of the store, viewable to those passing by outside. Dough production space that includes, Cuppone Silea spiral mixer, Somerset Dough Rounder, 5’ prep table, Doyon water control system and all the ingredients to make dough takes up 36 square feet of space.  The pizza build line is next with a Somerset Dough Press above custom dough drawers, and 11’ of pizza prep.  This line ends with POS and the Cuppone Giotto Electric Rotating Deck Oven. This oven will easily produce 50 pizzas per hour with a 3 minute bake time.  Other than $50.00 of B-Vent it is virtually ventless with a self-contained system.  

The back of the house is pretty simple with necessary ware-washing, prep area and prep sink, dry storage, walk-in, and managers desk.  There is a place for everything and everything in its place.

This location has the capability of producing up to $700,000.00 annually that will bring 20% to the bottom line. This is a great starter location that did not take a large amount of start-up capital and is easily duplicated.  Due to the fact that there are only 28 seats the restaurant always looks busy even at 3PM in the afternoon. A small foot print created so much efficiency and forces the operator to keep your cost down in so many ways. It also allows for successful growth in the future using the same formulas.

Check out my friends at Bonfire Pizza

1741 E N Mile Road Suite 8
Pensacola, Florida 32514 | @pizzabonfire