Where do you start and where do you end with this discussion?  My colleague, Frank Millward used to say ”The difference between a good pie and a great pie is the bake.”  


This is true. This is what pizza needs to be whether it is a wood fired Neapolitan Pizza, Deep Dish or a Frozen Pizza, how do we get the best bake.  This is where the geometrics of pizza steps in. The balance of pizza from the dough, to ingredients, to the bake, and finally to the bite. How do we make it a great experience or the experience our concept is looking to be each and every day?


My job as a pizza consultant is to recommend the best equipment for your product.


What oven is best for your pizza? Deck, conveyor, or stone hearth? What advantages do different manufacturers offer? What difference does a fuel source make; coal, wood, gas, electric.  What difference does a planetary mixer have on your dough vs a spiral mixer.? What size oven do you need? What size oven do you need.  What other equipment is needed for a pizza operation? How do you get versatility out of your equipment?

Let’s answer these questions together.


The goal of my consultancy is to offer clients as much or as little as they need.


Ultimately, I want your business to be successful. I want to create a partnership that allows you to continue to use my services as a resource and outlet. Contact me today to discuss what it is your operation needs, whether you’re ready to launch a new concept or refresh an existing business.


New Business Launch

What does your concept look like? What defines your pizza? What is your kitchen and back-of-house layout?

Existing Operation

What works and what doesn’t? From branding to menu to ingredients, Pizza Geometrics is prepared to launch a full assessment and work with your team to reinvent your brand.

Design, Branding, & Marketing

Does your operation require a new logo? A website? Photo and video content, social media management, and a strong strategy to ensure a successful and sustainable flow of business?

Menu Engineering

Working together to understand your ingredients and menu goals, and creating the perfect menu can be among the best experiences for an operator. Contact Pizza Geometrics to get started right away.

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